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Preparation for College Entrance Exams in Japan 

12th Grade Student

I only had 3 months before I had to prepare for my college entrance exams, but Focus was able to design a short-term intensive curriculum for me. Thankfully, I was accepted to both Hosei Univeristy and Aoyama Gakuin University. My main focus was to improve math skills, but Focus also helped me to strengthen essay writing and prepare for interviews which, I believe, gave me the confidence to succeed.


Just Moved to Hawaii from Japan

4th Grade Student

I really enjoy my classes because I can do experiments and crafts, too! 
Thank you.


Preparation for Keio New York Academy Entrance Exams & Interview

Parent of a 9th Grade Student

Today was the last day of the final exams and also the last day of my son’s schooling in Hawaii. I remember, when we first moved here 3 years ago, my son knew very little English and was at a complete loss.  He could not have made it to this day without the guidance from Dr. Ugai and the team of dedicated tutors. I am sincerely grateful for everything you have done for us in the last 3 years. My son will surely miss Hawaii, but I hope that he will continue to study hard in New York. We look forward to telling you about my son’s many future successes. 


Just Moved to Hawaii from Japan

Parent of 2nd & 4th Grade Students

Our tutors customize the lessons based on the strengths/weaknesses and personalities of my children. They are usually very shy around people but I’m happy to see they’ve formed a strong bond with their tutors. 


Entrance Exam Preparation for Private High schools in Japan

Parent of 9th & 10th Grade Students

My son applied for Junten High School and ICU high school, and my daughter applied for Tokyo Gakugei University International Secondary School, Junten High School and ICU High School. Thanks to your help, they were accepted to all schools. Especially in my daughter’s case, only 3 students passed out of 26 that applied in the same grade, so she is extremely happy. My son also could not believe that he got accepted. The whole family would love to express our gratitude for the dedication and professional guidance by Dr. Ugai and the team of tutors who helped us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Moved to Hawaii 1 Year Ago

Parent of Preschool, 1st & 3rd Grade Students

My children were having a hard time adjusting to new schools. I couldn’t even help them with their homework and was feeling hopeless myself, but Focus came to our rescue. My children learned English very quickly and are now enjoying going to school. Focus even helped me understand all the documents and correspondences from school. We can’t thank you enough for all of your assistance. We would love Focus to teach Japanese/Literature to our children in the future. 


Applying for Iolani and Punahou 

Parent of a 5th Grade Student

I’d like to inform you of the application results: accepted to Punahou and waitlisted for Iolani. We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done to help us for the past year from writing letters to constantly providing educational guidance. I feel that my son has grown so much and really thank you for your continued support. 


Supplementary Lessons/Homework Help

Parent of a 9th Grade Student

Thank you for all your kind assistance not only with my son’s school, but also with personal things outside of school. Without Preston and Dr. Ugai's help, my son would not have been able to graduate. Please send our deepest regards to other teachers who helped us as well.