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Professional & Experienced Tutors

Focus Labo has a proven track record in helping students gain acceptance to top schools, as well as improving academic achievement and strengthening confidence in the classroom.
Our tutors are dedicated professionals qualified in the areas of test prep (SSAT, ACT, SAT, TOEIC, TOEFL), homework help, specific subject needs, English conversation, creative writing, and more. 

We teach our students to perform at the level of their capability, building academic success and intellectual curiosity along the way.


Quality Lessons with High Standards

In the short term, we aim to meet specific objectives, whether that entails improving grades, earning acceptance into a top private school, or obtaining the best possible score on an upcoming standardized test such as the SSAT, ACT, or the SAT. 
Our long term quest includes developing skills and strategies needed to boost effective study habits that last long after our classes have finished. We address challenges and problem areas, and guide our students to reach their highest levels of potential.
Ultimately, our tutors are committed to providing a first-class learning experience that is tailored to meet and exceed your expectations. 
We encourage a flexible and creative approach to education, because we believe that learning should be a stimulating experience.


Utilizing Dual Report System

After each tutoring session, our teachers complete two reports with reference to the class. 
The first report is written in a small notebook— the “Comm Book”—which is provided to each family, and is primarily intended to record any homework assignments that should be completed before the following session. 

The second, more detailed report is composed after each session and sent to the parents by mail on a monthly basis. These reports are more detailed and serve numerous purposes. 





​For All Ages & Subjects

We cover all subjects and assist with academic goals from improving grades to gaining access to top schools such as Punahou, Iolani, IVY League Schools, Tokyo University, Keio and so on.


Comprehensive Knowledge of U.S. & JPN School Systems

We help students become acclimated to life in the US and also be prepared to return to Japan when the time comes. We support students to gain acceptance to schools both in Japan and the U.S.

​-Message from the Founderー

As a child, I had a great opportunity to live both in Japan and the U.S. due to my father's work. However, at the same time, it was also very challenging for me to adjust to different life styles, languages and school systems.


As I realized there are many students and parents in Hawaii who are having similar challenging experience like I once was, I decided to found Focus and to be of assistance to people in need of help. I am confident that I possess the unique ability to identify needs and solutions from experience.


I can understand students' struggles and parents' passion to give the best support that they can for their children's academic success. I am committed to providing the best academic support and advice for each person that I meet in my life.

Focus Labo LLC


​Takao Ugai

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